Sensuality And Plenitude Of The World Under The Microscope / Čulnost i raskoš sveta pod mikroskopom



The paintings and drawings of Katarina Nestorovic direct us into the world of tissue, that which constitutes the substance of our physical being. The full complexity of this material foundation of the being is rendered visible to the human eye only when by painting it we magnify it and bring out its chemical quality. The vulnerability of this living tissue is reflected in its absence of color but which becomes softly tainted with the throbbing of stream of life giving blood. Observed through a microscope, the tissue emerges as a complex world composed of a multitude of forms which relate harmoniously and weave a world of a complex and inherent beauty.

In her contact with this image of our physical being, Katarina Nestorovic captured the harmony and beauty which it radiates. Yet she did not stop there, she did not succumb to the still reflections of that which takes place inside these infinite forms.

In her paintings and drawings in the "Tissue" series the painter impressed the sensuality and plenitude which echoes from within, the softness and vulnerability of that which is the sturdiest in our body. The viewer cannot remain insensitive before the mild touch of the pastels and the dramatic layers of oil colors with which the painter wrote out with such lived experience and force the multiplicity of internal landscapes of our physical being, their reverberations and stormy cadencies.


Nada Šerban