Polimorphism Of "Raw Materials"

Dobrica Bisenic

For her first independent exposition the young artist, Katarina Nestorovic, has "prepared" a number of paintings and drawings which all originating from the same source - scenes of variety of human and plant tissues seen through a microscope... More...


Sensuality And Plenitude Of The World Under The Microscope

Nada Serban

The paintings and drawings of Katarina Nestorovic direct us into the world of tissue, that which constitutes the substance of our physical being. The full complexity of this material foundation of the being is rendered visible to the human eye only when by painting it we magnify it and bring out its chemical quality ... More...


The Tissues as Inspiration



The painter Katarina Nestorovic the inspiration for her works finds in an unusual way, observing the human and plant tissues under the microscope. She finds their structures very richly and inspiring. More...